Water, water, everywhere… Join us for “River of Life,” this year’s Vacation Bible School program featuring five favorite Bible stories - Creation, Noah and the Ark, Crossing the Red Sea, Jonah, and the Baptism of Jesus. Learn about the deeper theme that unites these five stories: water and God’s plan for your salvation! 

This VBS also takes you around the world to witness how Christ, the Living Water, is being proclaimed to people in lands thirsty for the Gospel. You’ll visit the Caribbean, the Baltics, Africa, Russia, and Asia in only five days! 

Daily Lessons

Monday: Creation

Tuesday: The Flood 

Wednesday: Parting of the Red Sea

Thursday: Jonah

Friday: Jesus' Baptism                                                       

Mission Country

Monday: Caribbean / Haiti 

Tuesday: Baltic States / Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia

Wednesday: Africa / Kenya, Sudan

Thursday: Russia

Friday: SE Asia / China, Indonesia